A whole lot about my best friends

There are things in life that happen that just make you feel really good and happy and special, like acing a test you thought you wouldn’t pass. Finishing a really overwhelmingly beautiful book and holding it close to you when you read the last page. Turning off the AC in your car, rolling down the windows, and letting the sweet summer air in. Having a girls night with your best friends.

My friends and I do the stereotypical “girls night” activities. We paint our nails. We watch old movies. We take a million and one photos and laugh at all of them. We take beach trips, get ice cream, make cupcakes at one in the morning. We go to Applebee’s at the same time every few weeks and indulge on half-priced apps. The spinach and artichoke dip is a must-have.

I’m 23 years old, and I’ve known these beautiful girls since I was about five. When high school took us in different directions, we got through it. We still planned our get togethers, watched those movies and painted our nails and gossiped. When college came, and took us all to different states, well. There were a lot of tears involved.

Flashback to a rainy summer evening back in 2012. Bridget (far left), Justine (right), Nora (far right) and I are walking around Walmart for no reason in particular other than to get out of the house on that rainy night. Why we choose Walmart? I can’t tell you.

It’s a week and a half before Justine and I leave for college. Her going to Maryland and me going to Connecticut. Bridget taking classes and doing theater work at home in Jersey and Nora making her way through high school.

To them, I say, “I really can’t think about leaving you guys for college.” Truthfully, though, it’s all I can think about. I can’t stop. My heart aches and I choke back the tears. One of the girls suggests we share a pair of pants. Yes, just like The Sisterhood. My heart swells. Those are some of my favorite stories.

“But we’re all different heights,” says Bridget. “Nora and I are way taller than you two.” she points at Justine and me.

I smile. Nora says, “Then how about a pair of sweatpants? They stretch, and we don’t have to really wear them out, anyway.” She grabs a pair of bland, gray sweatpants off of a hanger, and we giggle.

Justine chimes in. “We can stitch things on them that happen, just like in The Sisterhood movies!”

I spend my first few lonely nights in my dorm room missing my best friends with an ache you can physically feel, carefully stitching our initials onto the bottoms of the pants in colors that represented our Hogwarts houses, in which Pottermore had placed us. My roommate comes in and says hi, introduces me to a few people, and leaves. I’m missing my friends too much to go any further than the hall.

But we survived! Even for the few long, tedious months when we were apart for the longest we’d ever been – when I was in Italy, Bridget in Florida, Justine in Maryland and Nora in Jersey, we survived it all! The hardest of adventures.

Flash forward to now. I’m not really sure where those pants are. I think Nora may have them. I didn’t really expect us to continue to share them. It was a cute idea, and the fifteen bucks didn’t go to waste. The pants were comfy, and every time I wore them, I felt like a little piece of home was wrapped around me.

They are each their own. Bridget, the talent, the theatrical beauty with the voice of an angel. I wish she truly knew how talented she was, how many people she’s touched, how each of her performances make me cry more than the last. Justine, the smart, sarcastic, sassy friend, who can make me laugh at the drop of a hat with a carefree personality I am envious of every day. And Nora, the eccentric one, always surprising us with new things she wants to try and places she wants to go, who’s not afraid to be herself.

Nothing I write or say can really explain just how much these three goofballs mean to me. Not even this blog post, or the copious amount of photos we have of each other, tucked away into folders hidden somewhere in our laptops. It may sound silly, but I cried a little writing this post. Are we surprised, though? I cry at everything. Even puppy commercials.

So thanks to these girls for their constant support. Their laughter. Their friendship.
My own little Sisterhood.


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