What exactly is the mental health stigma? I can answer that for you. Psychology Today divides the mental health stigma into two separate categories: Social Stigma. The Social Stigma "is characterized by prejudice attitudes and discriminating behavior directed towards individuals with mental health problems as a result of the psychiatric label they have been given." Perceived/Self-Stigma. The Perceived/Self-Stigma "is the [...]


Zero to a hundred

I remember sitting in my high school English class with a teacher as miserable as the day is long. I dreaded going to that class every single day, which sucked, because English was, and is, my favorite subject. I find literature intriguing. I find writing beautiful. But this class sucked all of the passion right [...]

Just breathe

Anxiety, although it's always there with you, may not plague you every single day. You'll have your really, really good days - days when your world seems absolutely perfect...like the first sight of untouched snow, or the first few drops of calm rain before a storm. It's wonderful, really, feeling like that...having no anxious thoughts [...]

Constant Validation, Nervous Frustration

Pictured above is a five-year-old girl, living life in Disney, having just met Minnie Mouse and enjoying the time of her life in her favorite place on earth. 1998. You'd never know how much she worried by looking at her, would you? 2017. You'd never know how much I worry by looking at me, now, would you? A couple of [...]